Emergency dental care under the covid protocol involves some professional judgement between the dentist and the patient.  Some procedures are designed to prevent further chance of emergencies.  Example temporary crowns or bridges.  If they come off it can become an emergency.  We may call patients who are undergoing treatment to consider doing treatment such as cementing permanent crowns to prevent potential emergencies.  There are other procedures whereby elective vs emergency are not clearly defined and must be resolved between the patient and the dentist.  By all means we want to reduce the spread of the virus but we also want to reduce any chance that dental patients go to the hospital for dental problems when the hospitals are too busy with covid virus patient protocols including reducing the spread of the virus.  Call if you have questions.

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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and at the recommendation of the American Dental Association and Texas Dental Association, our office will only be providing

emergency dental treatment until 04/21/2020.

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